Almost Dead Famous

by Brains Mcloud

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released July 4, 2015

Written, Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Brains Mcloud



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Silibil N' Brains were simply two ordinary Scottish boys who shared an extraordinary dream: to become rap superstars. After being told they would never make it because they were Scottish they created new identities for themselves & persuaded the music industry that they were the latest, hot, young talent from California and voila, legends were born. ... more

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Track Name: Diary Of a Sex Addict
Track Name: Kult Co-Bain
Track Name: Keep it Stereotype
Track Name: Material Girls ft Zee
Track Name: Almost Dead Famous
Track Name: We're All Just Animals
Track Name: You Can't Handle The Truth
Track Name: Closure
You had that classic look like old actress would
little bit of Liz Taylor mixed with Natalie Wood
I told you that your radical magical
wanta wear you like rabbit's foot and you thought that was cute
your eyes had me trapped like a camera zoom
attracted like magnet felt like an addict hooked
how can something so damn good be bad for you
Attach a noose and strangle you inside a tragic loop.
You were beautiful a cutey too - really knew the things you could do
to fix the screws up in my noodle that you knew were loose
usually proves elusive when looking for luminous women
who looks as good as you in the nude as you n is humorous too
it's amusing and ludicrous how the universe drew me to amuse like this
we stupidly move too quick like they do in movie scripts
but be foolish kids hooligans moving like a bullets
how you know until you do it - we deluded and too content.
I could look at you from noon until the moon light filled the room
we'd usually sit n spoon or kiss like we glued at the boobs and hip
until the moon eclipse we'd shoot the shit like we the only two that do exist
until we drift lucidly in the nude like Buddha did
the coolest things is you thought it was your duty to put me in a good mood until
it I couldn't resist consuming you like pharmaceutical
one look at your boobies and i would lose my will the sex with full of thrills
we'd go on and on like two human Duracell's.
When you were ill I was your pill - until you were as good as knew but
still losing you would of killed like losing a mill
My lives a loony-ville but moving in unison with you was like wearing bullet proof suits
and loser proof shoes as well
So crucially suitable for a musical dude who was losing his footing
you was producing the fuel to boost him to prove he could do this shit
and so the relationship grew as smooth as your coochie is
now i'm confused as shit as to where all the good things went
im still clueless how could we do this for 2 years and lose it
well the truth is we been through some shit like a sewer and pretty soon its sure to stink
moving in too soon it becomes a nuisance when we bend n push the rules
to mend each other into some super human mutant thing
love isn't something you can improve or fix or super glue the bits
kept moving refusing to quit cos losing is shit
but brutal argument was bruising us loosened the grip
we no longer cool i mean you didnt even think my music's sick

3 years in you tell me one day that you hate rap
how can you be around brains all I do all day is that
d'you think its crazy fad n' you could change that ha
or maybe pretty picture frame's cracked either way its whack
I may be mad but fuck it i'm airing my laundry
to take care of it properly or your betrayal will haunt me
so I prepare a coffee pen and pad no-one there to watch me
get this air up off me on the mic cos therapy's costly


Use to tell you every morning you the bomb babe
sex was always explosive as Pompeii
cutey all ways booty like Beyonce who knows what you saw in brains
thought your eyes were put up in the wrong way
then made you my fiancé do you remember Robs face
it was all a spontaneous which I thought was great
and oh god wait the very next morning it all change
you started talking about wedding budgets kids n
what were going to calling the babes
I don't care about money we can do it for small change
we don't need nothing big and fancy cos glamour is all fake
hmm kids well - my surname is Bain so how bout we call them bain
you demanded a double barrel and I thought of Cobain
may as well got shot in the face Tried to calmly explain
I'm my poppa's only son I gotta carry on his name
you got two brothers your father's name is all safe
she looked at me like was talking strange parler l'anglais
It ain't just about having kids
but laying a foundation to gradually build a family and happily live
just had a slip fell of the wagon again,
Still trying to conquer my past then maybe one day I can be a good dad and a friend
we'd go out having a drink - break up - wake up get back at it again
im like a cat chasing a ball attached to a string
News flash misses we both had addictions
but your driving and drinking problem was just bad for business
but you don't see your pretty fucked up cos your daddies princess
there the bail you out whenever you land in shit its
sad you don't know the gravity of your actions and decisions
thats why you never understand that you have limits
Here comes the water works well that always works well
I can never win this is this is turning pure hell
this sure things took a swing into a sure fail
Here's an idea why don't you marry yourself


4 years with you still think i'm a commitment phobe
i put a ring on your finger where is that ring oh
you didn't wear my grandmothers
ring because it didn't glow i'm not saying you're materialistic though (4)
you called me twisted Wo - hang on miss
you are more up yourself than a tampon is
we use to be tight but all we do is fighting
you grew up with brothers bigger than you thinking you a titan
but in the morning your a youthful Tyson
stepping in ready for warring
I could never hit you back so I instead punch myself in the head like Eddy Norton
Cos this relationships a fight club
all we do is fight fuck and then fight fuck
Looks it's not you it's me... okay it's a little bit you
best thing I could do was leave but it was like my slippers were glued
this was you psycho babbling im not one of your fans and them
when are you gonna be a man again you're a mannequin
Jesus Christ seeing you's like being stuck in a labyrinth"
we find ourselves in deeper trouble and but can never way back again
and then came the tragic end you mentioned you brand new friend
a months after we split I found out for 4 months you were banging him
So by the time you find the guts to tell me it's over
I thought it was nice and finally move on with stuff
but then to find that the whole time you have been seeing someone behind me was kinda like sticking a knife inside me fuck you goodbye and thank you kindly

but no longer angry I'm happy for you
found a guy to buy you diamond things and travel the planet on foot
you'll have the man that married you to carry you
but you cant take your jewels with you when they bury you like pharaohs do
Track Name: Lonely Clown